A Flexible And High Performance Thermally Conductive Carbon Fiber Material

The family of US-produced and designed Fiber Thermal Interface (FTI) materials, including ALCOR AND MIZAR FTI, are high performance, flexible thermally conductive carbon-based fiber materials. Various interfaces exist between high power, heat generating components and heat sinks. Thermal management issues can come about through the minimal contact areas that arise between the two surfaces (interface) due to micro-scale surface roughness. This reduces heat conduction across the interface as air gaps have low thermal conductivity. Surface irregularity is the primary cause of thermal contact resistance. This product will increase contact between the two surfaces and decrease thermal interface resistance.

Our FTIs offer the following unique combination of benefits to customers:

The ALCOR is a high performance, flexible, thermally conductive carbon fiber-based material. It has a density of < 0.7 g/cm^3, and very low contact pressure to achieve low thermal impedance. Additionally, it has high bond thickness which will reduce overall manufacturing costs. The ALCOR can be configured to your design needs.


The MIZAR FTI was developed for a variety of different applications, including the Automotive and Electronics industries, as well as for industrial applications. The MIZAR increases power densities of a board layout and relieves mechanical stress — resulting in an overall increase in thermal stability and reliability.

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