The Benchmark For Battery Safety And Thermal Management Technologies

Disruptive Thermal Management Solutions

KULR’s disruptive thermal management technologies strive to fulfill an addressable $24 Billion thermal management systems market. KULR’s integrated design approach offers comprehensive solutions in thermal interface materials, lightweight heat exchangers, and protection against lithium-ion battery thermal runaway propagation. Our high-performance solutions can be designed to fit almost any power or electronic configuration, including extremely demanding spaces or for applications where size and weight restrictions are a concern.

Making The World Of Electronics Cooler, Lighter, And Safer

Since 2016 we have witnessed dramatic changes in the world of electronics with an automotive industry transitioning into the electrification of vehicles and the advent of 5G communications technologies that will accelerate cloud computing growth. Such applications have progressively become more powerful and often require improved forms of thermal management or electronics and battery cooling technologies.

Our plan of execution starts with providing our customers with the best battery testing methodologies as well as cost-effective cooling technologies that outperform traditional solutions, delivering a reliable, safer, and more energy-efficient product to the end-user.

KULR's solution is the lightest weight battery heat sink option NASA has evaluated to date, that has excellent promise to prevent thermal runaway propagation with the highest energy density COTS Li-ion cell designs. To date, NASA has not found a design solution with as much promise for preventing Li-ion battery TRP with as positive temperature margins on the adjacent cells while also being very lightweight.

Dr. Eric Darcy
Battery Systems Lead at NASA

The KULR team has been an essential part of many of our projects in the last two decades. We’re happy to be working with them, and incorporating their thermal solutions as part of the SHERLOC instrument on the upcoming Mars 2020 Rover Mission.

Mike Pauken
Senior Thermal Systems Engineer, JPL