Fully Integrated Thermal
Solutions For Aerospace And
Defense Applications

Thermal management for aerospace and defense applications are mission critical. Technology in this sector is developing at increasing rates, with devices being placed into aircrafts, satellites, and missiles becoming ever smaller, and all the more powerful. KULR Technology can help the implementation of these technologies through proven energy and thermal management solutions. Bank of America predicts the space industry will be worth nearly $3 trillion in 30 years.

In particular, space electronics face harsh thermal environments in vacuum. They are exposed to severe shock, vibration, and extreme temperature swings throughout the duration of flight operation. The weight and volume of cooling solutions is the most important constraint in space applications. KULR’s solution offers superior mass and weight advantages with its carbon fiber architecture for a variety of space applications. In fact, KULR’s technology has its beginnings in the space industry having won over 30 contracts with NASA including providing thermal management solutions used in the Mars Rover and Mercury Messenger.

KULR has developed a number of products to increase the performance of aerospace and defense technology and are continuing to research new and innovative thermal management and energy solutions.