Absorbs Heat And Shields Battery Pack Cells From Entering Into Thermal Runaway Propagation

Thermal runaway shield acts as a heat sink during normal lithium-ion battery pack operation but also prevents thermal runaway propagation, which is a serious concern for aerospace and defense customers and electric vehicle manufacturers. A vaporizing thermal capacitor that provides passive prevention of thermal runaway propagation (TRP) in lithium-ion battery packs. Thermal runaway can occur spontaneously in a Li-ion cell due to a short. This can trigger an explosive release of electric energy that ruptures the end cap resulting in a flare and combustion of cell materials. Released heat drives the triggered cell temperatures to > 500°C, causing a dramatic increase in neighboring cell temperatures. Temperatures above the critical 130°C greatly increases the chance for a short in adjacent cells and result in TRP. This product keeps neighboring cell temperatures from rising above 100°C (well below the 130°C threshold) and prevents TRP.

Effective passive thermal management solutions for battery packs ranging from 10 to 4,000 cells are in demand. This is especially the case with high-performance applications that draw more power from the battery pack, which can be the case with E-Mobility applications. Our US-designed, NASA-tested design is a very light-weight, durable heat sink that keeps lithium ion batteries cooler and safer. A perfect fit for an automotive industry (electric vehicles) that demands safe and reliable, light-weight battery management solutions.

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