A Carbon Fiber Infused Heat Sink Utilizing PCM To Absorb Or Provide Heat

A carbon fiber infused heat sink utilizing phase change materials (PCM) to absorb or provide heat. It successfully reduces system temperature excursions and extends both the life of key components in your product as well as overall operating times. Due to its low mass, it saves on weight and volume by reducing or even eliminating the need for active cooling.

An ideal solution for thermal management issues in the Aerospace and Defense industry, as it has a highly effective heat capacity over a small temperature range. This is necessary for a number of applications, including the use of batteries in space, high power lasers, and RF components. Can be particularly useful for compact and high-performance devices that require bursts of computational power in short time intervals. Additionally, we have developed a proprietary high thermal conductivity fiber core material to achieve fast and uniform melting of PCM in any orientation while in low gravity. KULR’s thermal management solution more effectively regulates such high-power conditions thus keeping devices cool.

KULR’s PCM heat sink technology is compact, reliable, and lightweight and has been utilized by leaders in the US aerospace and defense industries. It is inside NASA’s X-38 re-entry vehicle, LEO flight, Mercury Messenger satellite, and NICER telescope on the International Space Station. At current estimates the capacitor has cycled more than 10,000 times without breakage in various applications.

KULR Technology provides clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet both energy and thermal challenges in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Our engineers will develop a comprehensive thermal model that will help to determine the best solution for your thermal management needs. This will provide you with a quantitative understanding of the thermal performance. KULR Technology can customize the design to match your precise thermal management requirements.

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