Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover's Thermal Management Technology Transforming An
$8 Billion Global Market

Find out how KULR Technology Group is taking its space-proven solutions for electronics and lithium-ion batteries to serve the world of electric transportation, energy storage, battery safety, 5G infrastructure, cloud computing, and aerospace and defense applications.

“To date, NASA has not found a design solution with as much promise”
“The KULR team has been an essential part of many of our projects”
“The scalability of this business is huge”
“Thrilled to make a mark on this historic exploration”
“Right now KULR is a star”
“KULR Technology Group closes $8 million securities offering”

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We’re bringing the next generation of technology and the world is taking notice.

We’re excited to provide the FAA’s research and design engineers an advanced means to improve avionic battery safety,” said Michael Mo, CEO of KULR. “Designing safer battery enclosures and
This new order is an extension of last year’s partnership in which KULR’s TRS technology was used to safely store laptops in space, and is a continuation of a
Development of new 3D technology may enable future space missions to print spare battery packs on demand and en route therefore reducing the cost of transport and reserving cargo